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Re: Multiple certification rules, OK?

>> From: Bob Smart <Robert.Smart@mel.dit.csiro.au>
>> Below is a message from Stephen Kent which shows that the idea of
>> multiple certificates for a public key is becoming widely accepted.
>Steve can certainly speak for himself, but I see nothing in this quote
>that advocates, or even discusses, multiple certificates for a single
>public key.
>What it does discuss is the issuance of multiple certificates, from
>multiple issuers, to a single entity.  None of the issuers can
>*prevent* the reuse of keypairs (assuming the client chooses the keys),
>but a prudent client would find it in his own interest to use different
>keys for each different issuer.

I agree completely.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that never, ever, under any
circumstances, shouuld someone include the same public key in two different
certificates, I would only do so with great trepidation. The issues of
certificate suspence, revocation, and expiration happening at different
times; confusion about which set of priviledges was actually being used or
claimed with respect to a digital signature; and other problems which I
probably overlooked would require very careful study before I would feel

Given a choice between finesse, which invariably requires a great deal of
thought, and  a straight forward approach that may lack some elegance, I'll
almost always choose the bigger hammer. Cryptographic protocols, in
particular, are notoriously difficut to get right, and most of us have a
couple of billion brain cells fewer than that which always seems to be
needed. Unfortunately, we typically discover that after the fact rather than


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