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Call for Papers: Jurimetrics Special Edition on PKI

<x-rich><center>*** Announcement ***


Winter 1998

Special Issue on Public Key Infrastructure

(Security in Electronic Commerce: Technology, Infrastructure and 

Practices for Certification Authorities and Digital Signatures)


I. Contents of this Solicitation

∑ General Information

∑ Call for Papers

∑ Criteria for Papers

∑ Submission Information

∑ Important Dates

∑ Virtual Conference

∑ Organization

∑ Inquiries



 II. General Information


We are pleased to announce the planned publication of a special issue of
the Jurimetrics Journal of Law, Science and Technology that will
exclusively address public key infrastructure (PKI) -- the law and
technology of certificate-based digital signatures and secure electronic
commerce. This announcement solicits articles for consideration for this
special Winter 1998 issue, which is intended as a forum for attorneys,
technologists, developers, and users interested in the legal aspects and
implications of PKI.


Jurimetrics Journal of Law, Science and Technology, published quarterly,
is the journal of the American Bar Association Section of Science and
Technology and the Center for the Study of Law, Science and Technology of
the Arizona State University College of Law.


The Information Security Committee, Electronic Commerce Division, Section
of Science and Technology of the American Bar Association (ISC) explores
and develops legal policy and foundation to support PKI and secure
electronic commerce. The ICSís current endeavors include research and
work product concerning: accreditation of certification authorities,
commercial key escrow guidelines, PKI evidentiary issues, digital
signature legislative initiatives, CA and user liability, and other legal
issues relating to secure electronic commerce. The discussions are
moderated by the relevant Work Groups of the ISC, and the ISC is open to
professionals of all disciplines with similar interests. In August l996,
the ISC published the Digital Signature Guidelines.  See Tutorial, Table
of Contents, and List of Contributors of the Digital Signature Guidelines
at http://www.abanet.org/scitech/ec/isc/dsg-tutorial.html. 



 III. Call for Papers


 Papers are invited on all subjects related to applications of PKI and
their corresponding legal issues. The special edition is structured as


∑ Preface

∑ Introduction

∑ Tutorial, Architecture and Technology

∑ International Issues

∑ Liability, Contractual, Intellectual Property, and other Substantive
Legal Issues

∑ Government Ė Legislative, Regulatory, Policy, Enforcement

∑ Accreditation of Certification Authorities (including licensure and
other quality issues) 

∑ Miscellaneous


Papers submitted should be concise and focused on the kernel rather than
exhaustive detail of new ideas intended to be communicated.  Papers
should not restate basic PKI technology but instead refer to the common
tutorial located in the introductory materials. 


We thank you in advance for your submissions to this special issue of
Jurimetrics on PKI.



IV. Criteria for Papers


Preference will be given to papers that comply with the following


∑ are no longer than 8,000 words (under 10 pages, 12 point type, single

∑ provide appropriate annotation

∑ include URLs in annotations, where available

∑ consider both legal and technical issues/implications

∑ involve joint authorship between a lawyer and technologist

∑ are original works not previously published elsewhere

∑ conformance to the instructions for prospective Jurimetrics authors
posted at    http://www.asu.edu/law/jurimetrics/author.htm 



 V. Submission Information


Send brief but informative abstract of one or two pages as an email
attachment to jurimetrics@cnidr.org. If possible, please use Word 6.0
(Office 95) to facilitate handling. A one paragraph bio is also requested
but not required.



 VI. Important Dates


∑ Abstracts must be submitted by: 25 June 1997

∑ Deadline for submission of drafts: 15 October 1997

∑ Final version ready, after all cite checks and editorial changes: 31
December 1997

∑ Publication of Jurimetrics special issue on PKI: February 1998


VII. Virtual Conference

All papers accepted to Jurimetrics Winter 1998 special issue on PKI will
appear in full or abstract form in a Virtual Conference Center hosted by
the ISC.  The PKI community will have the opportunity to participate in
discussions with the authors using e-mail and the World Wide Web. The
Virtual Conference Center will feature a variety of electronic for a
moderated by leading PKI experts for the facilitation of communication
within the virtual PKI/law & technology community.

VIII. Organization for the Jurimetrics Special Issue on PKI

Guest Editor-in-Chief:

     Michael S. Baum, Esq., VP, Practices and External Affairs, VeriSign,

  Associate Guest Editors:

     Joseph H. Alhadeff, Esq., Director, Electronic Commerce, U.S.
Council for Intíl Business (USCIB)

     Warwick Ford, Ph.D., Director, Advanced Technology, Verisign, Inc.

     Theodore Ling, Esq., Baker & McKenzie, Toronto, Ontario. 

     Charles R. Merrill, Esq., McCarter & English, Newark, NJ.

     Arthur F. Purcell, J.D., International Project Specialist, US Patent
& Trademark Office 

     Ruven Schwartz, Esq., Info. Security, West Group Business Manager

XI. Inquiries

If you need help or have questions which are not answered in the above
information, please e-mail: jurimetrics@cnidr.org



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Yahya Al-Salqan wrote:
> The second IEEE International Workshop on Enterprise Security will take place next week (June 18-21) at the MIT.

  Thanks for this info!  >;)

>  The workshop will host a Panel discussion on the "Future of the Internet
> Security at the IETF."  The Panelist are:
> 1) Carl Ellison, CyberCash, SPKI author at the IETF
> 2) Don Eastlake, CyberCash, Secure DNS author at the IETF
> 3) Perry Mitzger, Co-chair of SPKI and SecSH at the IETF
    You got to be kidding me!!  This guy is a kook!  Mercy!

> 4) Tatu Ylonen, author SSH at IETF
> 5) Steve Lloyd, Entrust
> 6) Tom Polk, NIST, editor of PKIX at teh IETF
> You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the future
> of Internet security.
> Visit http://www.cerc.wvu.edy/SECWK/  for more information on the presentations
> and discussion groups.
> I look forward to meeting some of you at the Workshop,

  Me too!  But watch this guy Perry Mitzger, I am telling ya, he is a
> Best Regards,
> --Yahya Al-Salqan, PhD
> Sun Microsystems
> Enterprise Security General Chair

Thanks again!
Jeffrey A. Williams
DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java Development Eng.
Information Eng. Group. IEG. INC. 
Phone :913-294-2375 (v-office)
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