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Re: Final Year Thesis : SPKI

Of course I need to do a little munging of my own web site ... payment
& glossary is currently:

public key infrastructure (PKI)
     Public and private keys, digital certificates, certification
authorities, certificate revocation lists, and the
     standards that govern the use and validity of these elements make up
an infrastructure where principals
     can engage in private and non-repudiable transactions. This
combination is called the Public Key
     Infrastructure. [misc] (includes account authority digital signature,
authentication, certification authority
     digital signature )


there is proposal to amend the wording in draft international standard to
state something to the
effect of it being  standard for PKIs that utilize certificates in offline
transactions between parties
that may not have prior relationships (i.e. specifically targeted at not
precluding PKI implementations
with different domain design points).