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New SPKI-based network protocol

Dear all!

I'm glad to announce a new conditional access system network protocol
totally based on SPKI bare-bones certificates has been developed. This
network protocol has been designed and successfully developed in the
framework of the European Commission ACTS project OKAPI.

As major features we can list:
All network interchanges are represented as canonical s-expressions.
Provides privacy, integrity and authentication over all the actors.
Based on the Service provider - User scenario.
Network and application independent.
Suitable for data broadcasting.
Uses and exploits security features of public-key smart cards.

A kernel with an standard "C" API has been developed and will be
publicly available soon.

More information and in-depth details can be found at:


Comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed.

                     Xavier Serret Avila

              Universite Catholique de Louvain
	      Laboratoire de Telecommunications
	      Batiment Stevin
	      2, Place du Levant
	      B-1348 - Louvain La Neuve
mailto:serret@tele.ucl.ac.be          Tel.: +32 - (0)10 - 478072
                                      Fax : +32 - (0)10 - 472089