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Re: Modelling trust


I do believe SPKI can support a global solution, where employed within a
suitable set of practices and interrelations.  I do agree also that any
global directory is a serious security concern and point-of-failure.

I was actually afraid of being beaten up for implying an invitation to
further the "trust modeling" discussion on the SPKI list.  I think Ed
Gerck has some valid points and valuable debatables, but I don't know
of a forum where such academic/theoretic/philosophic discussions are
very long tolerated, at least among the three I noted.


At 09:39 PM 3/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 05:01 PM 3/5/98 -0800, Tony Bartoletti wrote:
>>SPKI (rather quiet of late) has already transitioned from theory to
>>implementation, but they may be the most receptive.  I say this because
>>the lightweight (some would say "inadequate") nature of their form for
>>supporting global PKI still leaves as an open question how this form
>>might be deployed and "ganged together" to support larger and varied
>>needs.  (I hope Carl Ellison and Perry Metzger don't beat me up;)
>OK, Tony, I'll beat you up. :)
>I think it's important to note that SPKI's lack of a global directory 
>structure (such as X.500), if that's what you're referring to, is purely 
>intentional.  That global directory structure is a source of security flaws.
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