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Re: [E-CARM] PKI, CAs, TTPs &c. ... addenda

the AADS (account authority digital signature) and x9.59 standards
work assume account-to-account electronic transactions (and to
some degree online). there are two aspects of evolving scenerio:

1) applicability of 3rd party checks to electronic commece
2) evolution leveraging existing infrastructures

3rd party checks imply at least "offline" ... and also in some cases
one or more parties may not have an accounts. besides 3rd party
checks not expected to be a major player electronicly because
of possible systemic risks .... non-account and offline also wouldn't
appear to be a large factor in electronic commerce ... i.e. as outlined
in AADS description ... certificates are effectively fallback offline
method for obtaining public key & performing digital signature
validation; online account-to-account transfers would appear
to make up the bulk of electronic commerce transactions (even
more than existing paper account-to-account  scenerios ...
which are easily already the bulk of the transactions).

the other part of the evolving electronic commerce is the
leveraging of existing infrastructures with the addition
of digital signature capability. The most straight-forward
and easiest infrastructures to adapt are the credit and
debit card infrastructures ... which are both online
account-to-account transfers. X9.59 is targeted as standard
protocol capable of accomodating all account-to-account
electronic transactions (including credit and debit).

I've done the flow/mapping for credit (on previously
mentioned garlic web site) ... and work is progressing
on debit and e-check flows/mapping.