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Re: [E-CARM] PKI, CAs, TTPs &c.

>After all, names are worthless. People change them,
>people have more than one of them, they aren't unique,
>and they aren't even interesting.
>But we've gone over this about two thousand times, haven't we?

Yes, but as long as we are imprecise about the usage of names we may
discuss them another two thousand times.

Names are very interesting!  Many of the aspects that you consider a flaw,
I consider a feature.  Names provide a convient means for indirection.
Names can represent multiple keys.  Names can be made consistant as the
associated key change.

Are SDSI names interesting to you?  Are named groups?  I assume they are
and it just the imprecise disparaging of names in the context of identity
certificates that confuses this issue.