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May I ask a favor of you?

I'm a graduate student in Soongsil Univ. in Korea.
My major is computer vision, so I don't know much about this area.
By the way I have to introduce spki in my class(data communication principles).
I want to know about spki to the detail.
These are things I want to know.
    - difference and relation between spki and pki
    - examples of spki in actual life
    - things important or interesting related with spki
    - materials on spki besides internet-drafts
    - what is the result of spki specifications submitted as an RFC?
    - what is spki working group doing nowadays?
I eagerly want to know things above.
Please somebody help me.
Any kind of your reply will help me greatly.
Anyway thanks for reading this mail.
I'm waiting for your answer.
Eun-ho Lee from Korea.
Eun-ho Lee
Computer Vision lab
School of Computing
Soongsil University
Phone: +82+2-823-5876
F A X: +82+2-825-1087
Email: ehlee@vision.soongsil.ac.kr