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Re: [ehg@research.bell-labs.com: Re: Display types?]

At 17:03 1999-03-16  Carl Ellison wrote:
>At 06:15 PM 3/15/99 -0500, Paul Koning wrote:
>>>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Rivest <rivest@theory.lcs.mit.edu> writes:
>> Ron> Eric --
>> Ron> It is probably an argument against UTF8 that the document you
>> Ron> cite doesn't display its examples correctly on my (Netscape)
>> Ron> browser.  I get upside-down question marks when I think it is
>> Ron> supposed to be displaying something more interesting...
>>Did you set the character set to UTF-8?  It probably defaulted to
>>ISO 8859-1...
>I take it you meant this as a joke, but I did scan my Navigator 4.5
>preferences for any selection of character set and found none.  I did find a
>list of fonts supported, but UTF-8 wasn't one of them.

View menu => Character Set.
This will not make any difference on the page mentioned though, since the 
upside-down question marks are not UTF-8 encoded. They are html entities 
(;&#191). Probably the result of a program converting the original document 
to html and finding characters it didn't know how to encode.

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