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Re: WG last call for IPv4 DES and 3DES

At 06:38 PM 2/24/95 GMT, William Allen Simpson wrote:
>Since we have had no new suggestions for IPv4 ESP, it is time to move on
>to the required DES transform.
>Second, that 3DES be required instead of DES.  DES can always be
>generated using 3DES, and 3DES is more usable for the long term,
>noting that DES is already attacked with modest resources.

Can 3DES be done in software on a 386 notebook and keep up with a 28.8 comm
line?  I assume that modem compression will now be usless as the IP datagram
was compressed before encryption.

Hey, I got to re-read the spec.  Where does it say what compression to use
before encryption and how to avoid patents????

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
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