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Re: WG last call for IPv4 DES and 3DES

>Can 3DES be done in software on a 386 notebook and keep up with a 28.8 comm
>line?  I assume that modem compression will now be usless as the IP datagram

I have single-DES running at 4.4 megabits/sec on a 66 MHz
486. (Hand-tuned assembler, protected mode, lots of 32-bit
operations). I haven't done 3DES yet, but it should be somewhat better
than the 1/3 speed you'd expect since you can eliminate the inner IP and
IP-1 operations that take up a noticeable fraction of a single DES

So even after you allow for triple encryption and the slower CPU, yes, your
386 notebook *should* handle 28.8 just fine.