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A little social engineering

For the moment, my Chrysler and AIAG hats are off, but my first comment as
the new co-chair.

Our Default cypher in the docs is 56bit DES, and I am not inclined to
change it.

However, perhaps agreement can be reached on a Recommended cypher of
greater strength.  Now our official policy is we do not concern ourselves
with any government policy like crypto export.  But if DES is giving us
problems, 3DES is even worst.  I understand that Isreali companies have
trouble exporting 3DES code, and no trouble exporting DES.

So take a look at the various cyphers.  Perhaps we do not have to wait for
AES to come up with a recommendation.

Now putting my AIAG hat back on, this is of interest to me...

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
(810) 758-8212

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