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Re: What price security?

> CAD is an example of an extremely CPU intensive program.  It takes a lot of
> CPU to take a Bezier equation and convert it to something the video
> card can deal with.

Well, there are clearly three options if you want to do CAD and IPSEC
at the same time:

 a) back off to weaker/faster algorithms.. Maybe rc4/rc5 is "good
enough" for your workload.
 b) add hardware assist for the crypto.
 c) add more cpu's or a faster cpu... replace the P133 running at 63%
with a P200 working at ~40%..
 d) put off with reduced frame rate for the VR when it's

My gut feel, as a software guy working for a hardware company, is that
if (d) isn't good enough, (c) will be most cost-effective over time in
end systems; (b) is only likely to be effective in security gateways,
not end systems.

[disclaimer: in case you hadn't noticed, I work for a hardware vendor
who will be happy to sell you bigger/faster boxes :-) ]

					- Bill

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