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Re: 3DES with 40-bit key?

>>>>> "Ari" == Ari Huttunen <Ari.Huttunen@lmf.ericsson.se> writes:

 Ari> Hi, Many of you will think this issue is braindead.  I
 Ari> agree. However, as I understand that from now on the only MUST
 Ari> IMPLEMENT algorithm for ISAKMP and IPSEC is 3DES, the issue of
 Ari> what to do with export control rises. So, assume that export
 Ari> control limits the key length to 40 bits. How would I specify
 Ari> and negotiate this with IKE?

Are you talking about US export controls?  The 40-bit limit is no
longer in effect.  Of course, the current limit is 56 bits... :-(