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Looking for info on ipsec passthrough (or passthru?)

Greetings.  I'm poking around looking for information on "IPSec passthru", 
which I saw mentioned on http://www.linksys.com ("Firmware upgrade - IPSec 
passthru now supported").

I searched the archive files of 
ftp://ftp.tis.com/pub/lists/ipsec/ipsec.0001 through ipsec.0008 but I 
couldn't locate the string "passthr" anywhere in those.   I also checked 
rfc2401 without success, but I'm guessing it's a feature/spec that's been 
introduced recently.

Using google I did find a couple of mentions of it in news groups, but I 
wasn't able to locate an rfc or other doc which describes what it's for and 
how it's to be implemented.

Any pointers?   Thanks.



John C. Day
Gilroy, CA