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OPT!ONS invites you to a working group meeting to 
prepare a response to the City and Regional 

April 2, 1998
Colonel By Room
RMOC Headquarters
111 Lisgar Street
	5-7 City Budget
	7-9 Regional Budget

City and Regional Councillors have agreed to help 
us. We are inviting representatives from a cross-
section of groups concerned about the impact of 
these budgets on community services and quality of 
life in our community. We know from past 
experience that there are options and alternatives 
to the proposals made by staff and we want to be 
sure that the politicians hear about them as they 
make those difficult budget decisions.

Our goal is to produce an ‘action sheet’ for each 
budget, outlining areas of concern and 
alternatives to the proposed budgets and giving 
the dates and times when presentations can be made 
to the decision makers. These sheets will be 
distributed as widely as resources permit in order 
to encourage debate and discussion.

Since time is short, we need people who have had 
previous experience analysing budgets or making 
presentations to committees and councils. Regional 
budget documents are now available and the City of 
Ottawa draft budget will be available April 1.

Please join us April 2. If you can’t come, try to 
send someone from your organization. If you want 
to receive the ‘action sheets’ please let me know.

Linda Hoad

Linda Hoad
136 Bayview Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 2C6

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