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"Cycle" challenge announcement and planning meeting


  COMMUTER CHALLENGE: June 1 to June 5. Leave your car at home!
  PLANNING MEETING: May 5, RMOC, Room HR-C at 7pm.

  In previous years, Auto-Free Ottawa types have organized a cycle
challenge between Ottawa, ON and London, ON. It occured late in May,
and was one day long.

  This year, the challenge has mutated a bit. It will now be a full
week... the week of "Bike Week" in fact. Calgary and Vancouver are also

  In addition, the challenge is open to all green modes of transportation.
(walking, roller blading, cycling, transit, car pooling)
  We will still have seperate stats for each category. A person
needn't have taken the same mode all week to participate.
  In this respect, it is very similar to a challenge that Pollution Probe has 
run in past years.

  There will be a planning meeting on May 5th, at the RMOC. (room HR-C at 7pm)
We are working to get access to a couple of computers+fax+phone in a
semi-public place (i.e. not someone's living room). We are looking for a 
some volunteers who might be willing to help process fax and voice
registrations on the week of the event.
  Many registrations will probably arrive directly to our web site
at http://www.flora.org/cycle/challenge/. 

  We are also looking for people who could act as local clearing houses
at specific places of work. Your job would be to put up posters announcing
the challenge, receive some voice/in-person calls from people in your office
building, and ideally, enter it into the web site. If you think you could
do this, please contact us at <challenge@flora.org>. 

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