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[paul@paulgross.com: Documentary World Premiere]

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    From: paul@paulgross.com ("Paul Gross")
    To: jab@hri.ca ("Juan Antonio Blanco")
    Subject: Documentary World Premiere May 21
    Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 02:55:03 -0400

    You're invited to the world premiere of "In Search of Happiness" by
    award-winning Cuban filmmaker Marlen Moleon. Shot in Cuba, Canada and
    Brazil, the documentary observes the meaning of happiness in different
    societies from the perspectives of people with different backgrounds. The
    Canadian segment includes interviews with Svend Robinson  and David Berman.
    Thursday May 21st, 7pm. Saw Video, 67 Nicholas, Ottawa. Free admission. Cash
    Bar. Spanish and Portuguese with English subtitles.
    For more information: Juan Antonio Blanco 234-3825 jab@hri.ca
    - Paul


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