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Welfare Recipients for Fair Employment Meeting

Hi folks,

There will be a public meeting of Welfare Recipients for Fair Employment
(WRFE) at 5:30pm on Thursday, July 24th at the Social Planning Council,
Suite 317, 256 King Edward Avenue. The SPC is an accessible space.  Bus
tickets are available for those who need them.  

Karen Graham will inform us on the activities of the Eligibility Review
Officers (EROs), or welfare cops who can enter your home or agency to assess
your possessions and records.  John Hollingsworth will discuss his research
on the profile of workfare in the Region (including the names of
participating organizations), and the problems with access to information
that the Region is threatening.  We will also provide an organizing update
for the organization.  Email jholling@ccs.carleton.ca if there's something
you'd like to present on (as long as it has to do with welfare/workfare
fightback), and RSVP.  

WRFE is a defence organization committed to a range of strategies and
tactics in the fight to shut down workfare in Ottawa-Carleton.  You can
reach our information line at 748-7476.

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