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Upcoming Event: Sri Lanka

Event: 	Mid-day  Presentation

Issue:		Sri Lanka: a country in conflict

Topic:		Displaced Populations 
		Their Basic Needs

Presenter:	Professor N. Ethirweerasingham, Ph.D.

Date: 		Friday, August 21, 1998

Time: 		12 to 1.30 PM

At:		CCIC Conference Room
		Third Floor
		1 Nicholas Street

Host:		South Asia Partnership Canada

Professor N. Ethirweerasingham, at the request of the Governor of the
Northern Province, has recently undertook a six month tour of the conflict
areas in Sri Lanka to assess health, education, food production and shelter
support needs among the displaced populations. During his tour, Professor
Ethirweerasingham had extensive discussions with government officials,
community leaders and others in the North East regions, in order to assess
the urgency of humanitarian needs.

In this mid-day presentation, he will discuss his experience with the
displaced populations and their basic needs, as well as practical and
logistic difficulties faced by the aid agencies. He will also examine
specific areas of rehabilitation projects which are urgently needed.

Professor Ethirweerasingham is a naturalized American, settled in Los
Angeles. He is a Fulbright scholar and  has a Ph.D. in agriculture.

For more information:

Faruq Faisel, South Asia Partnership Canada
Phone: (613) 241 1333
Fax: (613) 241 1129 
E-mail: sap@web.net

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