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Rm no. 286 for Fri's y2k videoconference

The Room is # 286 in Colonel By Bldg, for the announcement sent two days

This Friday, join us for the first program of this inspiring satellite
broadcast series:


“Inviting Leadership: Finding Our Role in Resilient Communities”

When:  		First of three videoconferences is January 22, 1999 at 1pm to 4pm
Where: 		University of Ottawa, Colonel By Bldg, King Edward south of Somerset 
How much?  		Sliding scale, $5 to $15 (cost is $12.50, 
			this is a special arrangement for the Ottawa site)
To register contact:	Terry Cottam (or just show up with your fee)
Phone:  		236-6433
Fax:  			236-6433 (call first) 
e-mail:  		y2k-ottawa@inode.org  

Over 100 communities from the United States and Canada are coming together
in a way that has never happened before around a challenge we've never had
before. While the program is relevant to Y2K preparation, its main
intention is to stimulate community leadership, in general. It is designed
to create an ongoing group with an initial follow-up in April. 


See you there!

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