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Wed. 7:30: Regional Gov't & Police speak on Y2K

You are invited to listen and ask questions to government officials
speaking on Regional preparedness for the Year 2000 Computer Problem (Y2K).

TIME: 7:30, Wed. 27 January
PLACE: Assembly Hall, McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy near Gladstone

Will hydro, 911, water, sewage, other regional services be affected?
If so, or if we don't know, what government contingencies should we expect?
How should we prepare ourselves and our community?

Come and learn how to: 
- determine whether authorities are answering fully on y2k. 
- seek government assistance in dealing with potential y2k disruptions. 
- organize yourself and your neighbours for y2k.

Two speakers from the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton: 

- Greg Geddes, Manager, Year 2000 Office
- Inspector Karl Erfle, Regional Police, Y2K Project


Regional y2k community strategy proposal help us organize Y2K preparedness
in our neighbourhood. It would require govenrment cooperation, and draw
upon other resources such as: 

- Community Associations
- World Wide Web
- Boulder, Colorado model of neighbourhood organizing from the Utne Y2K
Citizens Action Guide

You can also get an Utne Guide and y2k video for well below retail price.

Contact: Terry Cottam, President, Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group, 236-6433
Or Paula Williams, 725-9651
Or Jean-Louis Dubé, 724-6021

Website: http://y2k.inode.org
E-mail:  y2k-ottawa@inode.org
Or phone/fax 725-9651

"Individual preparedness for those who can
 Community preparedness for those who cannot"

Don't be scared -- be prepared!

We CAN be "Y2K-OK" -- if we work together!
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