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pre-June 18 meetings (including puppet making and marshalling)

there will be three more meetings in preparation for the june 18 day of

puppet and prop making
tuesday (tomorrow) 7 pm at 602 MacLaren unit 8
bring ideas and any materials you might have kickin' around.
be prepared to work for a couple of hours.

coordination committee meeting
the coordination committe and anyone interested in discussing the flow
of events for j18 are asked to come to nunatak -- 200 cooper st (@elgin)
suite 3 at 6pm wednesday. the final details of the action will be worked
out then.

marshall/peacekeeper meeting.
the peacekeeping meeting will happen on thursday at nunatak (see above)
at 6pm.  anyone interested in marshalling the j18 event is asked to
come. we need as many as possible for this. no experience is necessary.
this meeting should only take an hour or so.



ron collins    mailto:ron@nunatak.com
nunatak informatics  http://www.nunatak.com
Ottawa, Ontario   613-236-4103
dynamic web-based information management systems
"We do know that we must do more to reach out to
our children and teach them to express their
anger and to resolve their conflicts with words,
not weapons."
        --Bill Clinton on the Colorado shootings

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