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Canada's role in East Timor - Tues. Sept. 21 @ 7 pm

The East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) and OPIRG/Ottawa present...

A public forum and video/slide show on
Canada's past, present and future role in East Timor


* Dr. Walter Dorn : A Senior Research Fellow at Cornell University, and
faculty member at the Pearson Peackeeping Institute in Nova Scotia, Dr.
Dorn served as a United Nations electoral officer in Suai, East Timor
from June to August this year. Dr. Dorn will show us some of the many
pictures he took, and talk about his experience in East Timor.

* Dr. David Wurfel, Research Associate at the Joint Centre for Asia
Pacific Studies, University of Toronto and York University, and
Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Windsor. Dr.
Wurfel served as an election observer in East Timor for the
International Federation for East Timor (IFET), and will show us some
video footage of what he witnessed there.

* Kerry Pither, of the East Timor Alert Network will discuss Canadian
complicity and Canada's moral obligation to do more for East Timor.

* Jane Stinson, Research Director, Canadian Union of Public Employees,
travelled to East Timor as part of a Canadian Labour Congress
delegation in early August this year.

* Linda Freeman, Professor of Political Science at Carleton University,
will discuss why economic and military sanctions worked against
aparthied South Africa, and why they can work now.

* More participants to be announced.

Tuesday September 21, 1999
7 pm
Alumni Auditorium
University Centre - Jock-Turcot Hall
85 University St.
University of Ottawa

For more information contact the East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) at
(613) 230-4070; Email: info@etan.ca; or see ETAN's web page at:

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