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Dr Gerald H. Ross lecture on Sick Schools, Sick Building Syndrome

                                               Sick Offices, Sick Schools

            How Can You Prevent Environmental Illness and Protect Your

Public Lecture by Dr. Gerald Ross, MD, CCFP, DABEM, DIBEM, FAAEM, FRSM

                            A Canadian Expert in Environmental Medicine

(Ottawa – November 26, 1999) – Nearly 15% of Americans are affected by sick
air in their schools, offices and homes and have developed environmental
illness. Sick Building Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, often referred to as 21st Century
Illnesses, are on the rise. "Early intervention and prevention of
environmental illness reduces personal and societal costs", says Dr. Gerald
H. Ross, a leading expert in the field of Environmental Medicine, "the key
to saving a bundle of money and grief is for all of us ¾ - agencies,
physicians and the public must put the growing knowledge about the treatment
and prevention of environmentally-triggered illness in proper use".

In 1990 Dr. Ross established and became the first Medical Director of the
Nova Scotia Environmental Medicine Clinic a government-funded pilot program,
which has grown into a full-time centre administered by Dalhousie University
School of Medicine. Dr. Ross has lectured world-wide and has authored or
co-authored fifteen scientific medical publications. He is a Fellow and a
Past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and, is the
Chief Medical Advisor for the Environmental Illness Society of Canada.

Dr. Ross will be speaking at the Chateau Cartier Hotel this coming Thursday
evening at a public lecture sponsored by the EISC. Participants will learn
how polluted indoor air can trigger allergy, behavioural disorders
(especially in children), attention deficit disorders and environmental
hypersensitivity reactions. They will learn how to recognize the early signs
of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and will leave armed with an understanding
of how they can optimize their own health and that of their children by
choosing safer cleaning, renovating and food products and, by opting for a
healthier lifestyle.

Advance tickets are being sold through the EISC office in Ottawa at (613)
728-9493 or, Toll Free: 1-877-313-EISC and via the EISC’s WebSite:
//www.eisc.ca. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door. Dr. Ross’s
lecture is an EISC sponsored fundraiser in support of its upcoming
International Conference on Environmental Illness, scheduled in Ottawa, in
the fall of 2000.

                                                            - 30 –

For additional information contact: Judith Spence, RN, C.E.O. 728-9493 or by
e-mail: eisc@eisc.ca

Thanks go to ABLY Productions, the Chateau Cartier Resort and to Sound of
One Hand Studio, proud sponsors of the EISC.

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