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Background info for UNAM Protest

>On Sunday the Ministry of the Interior sent in riot police to end the
>nine-month student strike at the Autonomous University of Mexico. Some 500
>students and supporters were arrested.
>The police action was taken on the breakdown of negotiations with the
>leaders of the strike last week.
>While the mainstream media in Canada is saying the ending of the strike was
>peaceful, TV coverage on CBC news Sunday night showed otherwise. Parents of
>the arrested students were shown accusing the government of ruining their
>children's lives.
>The strike began over an increase in tuition hikes, but as the strike
>progressed, the demands grew. The Mexican government, in response to the
>peso crisis of 1998, made drastic cuts to its funding of universities and
>imposed restructuring of the university system.
>The student demands were in response to this restructuring:
>1. Elimination of the automatic pass - if you don't have a certain grade
>average you will be told what degree to pursue - at present due to reforms
>only those finishing within 3 years and with a grade point average of 9
>may make their own choices
>2. The elimination of what they call illegal fees as a result in the cut
>of government funding and the elimination of the new limit of time to
>finish their university career - an extension of 1.5 years would improve
>the situation greatly.  At that point 36.6% of students could be given the
>opportunity to complete their degrees
>3. The elimination of the vigilante forces and the extra police presence
>that is
>monitoring those who are organizing and those taking part in protests and
>student activities
>4. The creation of a democratic congress who will fairly represent the
>situation of the students and will restructure the administration/decision
>making mechanisms - at present students have only 26 representatives for
>students - students are not taken into account when management decisions
>are made.
>5. Students should recover all lost classes during the strike (9 months worth)
>6. The severing of the university's ties with Ceneval - a private corporation
>put in charge of running the university structure-in terms of who
>gets in, where do they go and what they do when they are in. Ceneval is
>charging students fees for a test that has to be taken when they complete
>High School. Most people are poor and often as a result are allocated into
>programs of a technical nature. Ceneval is not providing students with the
>ability to choose their own degree programs.

Soha Al-Haddad
VC Administration
Canadian Graduate Council

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