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chuo funding drive-reminder

CHUO-FM89's Funding Drive is now on! If you want to support the
socio-political programmes on the station, please email one or more of the
addresses below, or phone 562-5967 while these shows are on. All the
information you need is below.

Demockery's Demize
Mondays, 5-6 pm
Jeremy Bell: jeremy@tao.ca

Click here
Wednesdays, 5-6 pm
Mitchell Caplan: s376764@aix2.uottawa.ca
Faruq Faisel: ffaisel@web.net

Global Views
Thursdays, 1-2 pm
Kenedid Hassan: kenedidhassan@hotmail.com

Kanada's Kapital-ISMS
Fridays, 5.30-6 pm
Loris Mirella: agibb@cyberus.ca

In return for your donation, you can choose to receive either an income 
tax receipt or a giveaway (CD, t-shirt, show passes, etc.) equal in value 
to the donation. Examples of giveaways include passes to le Groupe Dance 
Lab, the Canada Dance Festival, the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and SAW 
Gallery's Black Tie 2 Bondage.

After pledging, you will receive a pledge form in the mail. Either send 
it back with your pledge, or come into the station and pick your 
giveaway ( we may be able to select a special giveaway for you if you let 
us know- ask the show you're pledging to).

Thank you in advance for your help in assuring another year of socially 
conscious radio.

Demockery's Demize
Click here
Global Views
Kanada's Kapital-ISMS

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