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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tue.Sept.26 - what to bring to Parl.Hill

           YOU'RE INVITED ! !  -   COME AND HELP BUILD ! !

What:  Demonstration in Support of Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
When:  10:30 am to build, 11:00 am for programme, 
            Tuesday 26 September 2000
Where: Parliament Hill

    Lubicon Supporters Set Up a Reserve on Parliament Hill 

Bring a friend  -  placards welcome !

And bring any of:  
     - hard hat
     - orange vest
     - shovel (as a prop - we're not going to annoy the Hill guardians)
     - anything to make you look like a tree

On Tuesday, 26 September, supporters of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
are moving onto Parliament Hill to establish a reserve for the First
Nation. Under the slogan 'sixty years is too long', grassroots 
activists are demanding that the federal government fulfill a 1939 
promise to set aside reserve lands for the Lubicon Nation in Alberta.

The 'construction workers' will erect a Band Council office,
a vocational training centre, a community health centre and an 
elders'home,together with other infrastructure such as housing,
roads and a water tower. 

more information:   (613) 235-9956  or  266-9779  or  729-0504

background:	www.tao.ca/~fol
Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity   <OLS@WEB.CA>

Sixty Years is too long  -  Press the Federal and Alberta
Governments for a just solution to Lubicon land claims.

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