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[OPIRG-EVENTS] fwd: Wildcanada.net announces Election 2000 Action Centre

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 13:39:49 -0400
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From: Ontario Environment Network <oen@web.ca>
Subject: fwd: Wildcanada.net announces Election 2000 Action Centre

Wildcanada.net Update (Please circulate)
October 22, 2000
Wildcanada.net announces Election 2000 Action Centre

For more information contact Stephen Legault at legault@wildcanada.net or
visit www.wildcanada.net

Prime Minister Jean Chretien has called an election for November 27th, 2000.
By calling the election, the Prime Minister is walking off the job only 3
years and four months into his mandate, ending the shortest majority
government in 90 years. In doing so, the PM is leaving 19 pieces of
legislation, including the troubled Species at Risk Act to die on the order

This is the second Parliament in a row that the Liberals have failed to keep
their promise to protect Canada’s 352 endangered species.

In the past two months, Wildcanada.net has facilitated an outpouring of
support for protecting Canada’s endangered species. Since September 14, we
have helped conservation minded Canadians like you send 3000 faxes to
Members of Parliament, the Minister of the Environment and the Prime
Minster! Your participation has made big difference. Thank you!

Beginning on October 30, visit www.wildcanada.net and use our Election 2000
Action Centre. You will be able to learn about all candidate events in your
riding, send letters to the editor of your local newspaper, and get tips on
how to ask your candidates the tough questions about protecting Canada’s
wildlands and wildlife. You may also be a voter in one of 15 electoral
ridings that Wildcanada.net is targeting for extra effort during this
election. If you live in the Focus 15 ridings, Wildcanada.net will provide
you with added opportunities to take part in influencing how the environment
is protected in the next Parliament, such as direct fax-the-candidate
programs about the environment and protecting endangered species.

Wildcanada.net will also be sending out weekly election updates, and will
provide Canadians with regular action opportunities – emailed directly to
you -- during the election. To receive these timely and important alerts,
become a Wildcanada.net Network Participant. It’s free, and it’s the best
way to put the environment on the election platform. To become a Network
Participant visit www.wildcanada.net and click on JOIN NETWORK (in top tool

Visit Wildcanada.net on October 30 and cast your vote for Canada’s wildlands
and wildlife.

Stephen Legault
Executive Director
Phone (403) 609-2509
Fax (403) 609-2998
Box 8145, Canmore, AB,Canada, T1W 2T9

Ontario Environment Network
P.O. Box 1412, Station Main
North Bay, ON  P1B 8K6
tel:  705-840-2888
fax: 705-840-5862
e-mail: oen@web.ca
webpage: http://www.web.ca/oen
Regular office hours are Monday to Friday 1-6 p.m.

The OEN is an affiliate network of the Canadian Environmental Network.
See them on the Web at http://www.cen-rce.org.
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