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[OPIRG-EVENTS] wed. nov. 8: talk - nuclear issues & alternatives

opirg-carleton's radioactivists present:

a discussion of nuclear issues and alternative energy sources, with
kristen ostling - campaign for nuclear phaseout (cnp). 

wednesday, november 8
1:00 pm
424 unicentre
(carl gillis boardroom, across from cusa)
carleton university
wheelchair accessible

cnp has played a significant role in raising the profile of nuclear
phaseout issues with ngos, the media and decision-makers. working with
groups across canada and with a base of over 300 endorsing organizations,
cnp has helped to focus attention on issues such as nuclear subsidies, the
export of candu nuclear reactors and the importation of plutonium fuel.

for more information, contact the radioactivists 520-2757.
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