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[OPIRG-EVENTS] "Free" trade delegation to Guatemala- Feb. 2001

>From Rights Action.

Please take a look, and pass it along to anyone (else) who might be
interested).  Thanks!

>  *** PLEASE JOIN US ***
>  Rights Action
>  [formerly Guatemala Partners]
>  invites you to join an
>  Educational Delegation to Guatemala
>  "Free" Trade & Human Rights in "post"-Conflict Guatemala
>  IN GUATEMALA, delegation members will: 
>      study the nature of Guatemala's unjust "free market" economic
>  development model,
>      learn of how NGOs and CBOs (community-based organizations) are working
>  to build an economic development model that guarantees respect for the
>  economic and social rights of the majority poor, as well as their
>  cultural, civil and political rights, and the environment, 
>      learn of on-going repression (violations of political and civil
>  rights), in the "post-conflict" era, and
>      learn of how individuals and organizations in Canada and the US can
>  work with partner groups in Guatemala (indeed, throughout the region) to
>  enable us all to build just societies and development models.
>  "SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS", Quebec City, April 2001
>  This delegation is planned as lead-up to the FTAA "Summit of the
>  Americas" to be held in Quebec City, Canada, April 20-22, 2001.  The
>  Summit will bring together 34 government leaders from the western
>  hemisphere.
>  The purpose of the Summit will be to put final touches on the FTAA
>  ("Free" Trade Area of the Americas) agreement that purports to extend
>  NAFTA (North American "Free" Trade Agreement) across the hemisphere. 
>  Leaders, government officials, commercial and financial elites, and
>  international "aid" and "development" banks and agencies will
>  participate in private meetings, gala dinners and public relations
>  events.
>  The FTAA will fortify and broaden the reach of the present international
>  commercial and financial economic model (the "free trade" model) that is
>  damaging to the environment and that systematically violates the human
>  rights of a large percentage of Latin America's population.  The FTAA
>  will take further steps towards submitting health, education, community
>  development, the environment and labor issues to the logic of the "free
>  market" and to the control of corporate 'rights', while marginalizing
>  and rendering ineffective environmental and human rights laws and
>  standards.
>  WHEN:        February 10 - 18, 2001
>  WHERE:       Guatemala City, and selected rural areas.
>  COST:        $640 per person [$80\day] that includes: room and board, travel
>  in the region, translation, program activities, trip leaders and
>  guides.  You are responsible for your own airfare.
>  United States: T: 202-783-1123.  E: info@rightsaction.org
>  Canada: T: 416-654-2074.  E: info@rightsaction.org
>  Rights Action: For more information, contact us or visit our Website:
>  www.rightsaction.org
>  -- Please Post & Distribute --
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