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[OPIRG-EVENTS] come make banners, signs, t-shirts for Saturday's peace march

If you are interested in making some banners or signs or such for Saturday's 
peace march and vigil, come to the corner of Rideau and Sussex at 12 noon on 
Friday (the 5th).  Some people from OPIRG-Carleton's Economic Justice group 
will be there making signs and a banner (or two) and modifying old white 
t-shirts to read "Collateral Damage" and possibly painted (or red dyed) with 
'bullet wounds'.  Another idea is to write the cause of death, for instance, 
starvation, 'smart' bomb, bullets, landmine, depleted uranium, cluster bomb, 
etc.  If we get enough people wearing these, we could have the quite the 
number of civilian casualties.

So, if you're interested, bring whatever supplies you have, like paint, sign 
board, markers, brushes, old bedsheets, white t-shirts, etc. If it is 
raining we can go under the pedestrian path on the south -west corner of 
Rideau and Sussex.  If it is not raining (and the police don't cause any 
trouble) we could do this right out front of the NATO PA meeting.  The 
police are a little worried about dangerous protestors, and whatnot, so we 
can show them exactly what we are up to -completely peaceful non-violent 

We will probably be there til at least 2pm, probably gone by 4pm.

Hope to see you there!

Joe Stirling

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