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Our next meeting:

As per our new biweekly schedule, the next NOWAR/PAIX meeting is 
Monday June 10th. As in the past we will attempt to have our meeting 
in125 or 123 Simmard Hall at the University of Ottawa Campus on 
Wallard St. If we are unable to use one of those rooms we will move to 
the cafe in the subbasement - cafe Alternatif. A note will be placed 
outside of 125 Simmard either way.

The meeting will be from 7-9

We have a number of things to be update and followed up on.

Thank you - and as always EVERYONE IS WELCOME. 

(So if you plan on attending 'undercover' and writing a grossly inaccurate 
article in the local papers about how we are ploting in a sub-basement, 
undenifying each other by first or psuedo names and planing covert 
action under a single dangling light bulb - well - you're still welcome. But 
please concider providing some treats (i.e. business expensis). Cake, 
maybe some tea or juice would be nice? We will provide you with a 
reciept. For everyone else - just your attendance in good faith is enough. 
Thank you.)
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