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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Storytelling Festival - correction

  Sorry - I made a mistook on the volunteer Potluck - info is below:

POTLUCK Friday Nov 1
>The Friday night before the Festival all of the tellers and the volunteers
>get together for a social evening and potluck supper. This evening helps
>the tellers to identify volunteers who will be able to help them over the
>weekend and helps volunteers get to know the "big name talent" imported
>for the occasion! (And it is a great time to eat good food!) 

Please join us!
Friday  November 1
officially from  6:30 on, but someone will be there from 5:00 on! If you
come early, you can help set up!!
Food for 4-5 people... either main course, desert, or appitizer 
plus something to drink

236 Breezehill Ave. South    722 8402    Ruth Stewart-Verger
   vicinity of Carling & Sherwood Dr.
(Note: Parking is on the east side of the street only.)
 We welcome people to our back door.

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