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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Forum Communication for Social Change SAP Canada

Invites you to our upcoming forum:


May 1 & 2, 2003

Four Points Sheraton
35 Laurier
Hull, Québec

SAP Canada will bring resource people from South Asia
together with Canadian NGOs, academics, government,
private sector and civil society representatives.
Using South Asian and Canadian examples the
Communication for Social Change will:

·       Frame the current theories of communication
for social change

·      Discuss the practice of these theories from
lessons learned in the field

·      Examine emerging trends in monitoring and

·      Explore the potential and challenges for new
technologies such as ICTs in South Asia

Thursday, May 1, 2003
08:30-09:00      Registration
09:00-09:30     Opening Remarks
~The Honourable David Kilgour, P.C., M.P. Secretary of
State for the Asia-Pacific                            
09:30-10:30       Keynote Presentation 
~ Professor Mohamed Yunus, Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) 
- by video and teleconference - TBC
10:30-11:00      Break
11:00-12:30       Theory and Practice: “What is Social
~ Mr. J. Mark Stiles, Stiles Associates Inc.
~ Mr. Satya Brata Das, Cambridge Strategies Inc.
~ Mr. Ashoke Chaterjee, National Institute of Design
(India) - by phone
12:30-13:30     Lunch 
13:30-15:00      Lessons Learned: Traditional and
Contemporary Grassroots Examples of Participatory
Communication Strategies
~ Mr. Afsan Chowdhury, BRAC (Bangladesh) 
~ Mr. Mohammad Waseem, Interactive Resource Centre
15:00-15:30     Break
15:30-17:00      Leadership and Participation: The
Role of Women Participants in Social Communications 
~ Ms. Rubina Feroze Bhatti, Taangh Wasaib (Pakistan)
~ Ms. Bandana Rana, Women's Media Forum (Nepal)
Friday, May 2, 2003
09:00-10:30      Monitoring and Evaluation: Who is
~ Mr. Afsan Chowdhury, BRAC (Bangladesh)
~ Mr. Andre Oliver, Rockefeller Foundation
~ Ms. Susan Rimkus, University of Guelph -TBC
10:30-11:00    Break
11:00-12:30     Forward Thinking: World Summit on the
Information Society and Beyond
~ Jayalakshmi Chittor, Bellanet
~ Mr. Satya Brata Das, Cambridge Strategies Inc.
~ Mr. Harun Urrashid, Community Development Library
12:30-13:30     Lunch
13:30-15:00       New Horizons: Challenges and
Possibilities of ICTs
~ Ms. Bandana Rana, Women's Media Forum (Nepal)
~ Mr. Faruq Faisel, South Asia Partnership Canada
~ Mr. Mohammad Waseem, Interactive Resource Centre
15:00-15:30     Break
15:30-17:00      Open Discussion and Closing Remarks
 Please visit our website at
www.sapcanada.org/cscforum.html to download the
registration form and concept paper.  
For more information please call Jodie McGrath, Forum
Coordinator 613-241-1333 x229 jmcgrath@sapcanada.org 

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