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Re: what we're about

"peter (p.w.) whittaker" writes:
> Will the ICert be used primarily to secure Internet mail (PEM, MOSS, S/MIME
> (?))?

It will be used that way. Whether it will be primarily used that way
is an issue of the market and of one's definitions.

> Will the ICert be used to secure sessions (GSSAPI),

I believe the SSH people have expressed interest, and I certainly
would like GSSAPI folks to use it, so I would imagine sessions will be
secured with the keying material contained in the formats we arrive at.

> the network layer (secure IP),

I would like to see the public key infrastructure used by key
negotiation for IPsec, yes.

> Is interoperability with PGP a concern?

I don't think so, or to put it another way, I believe that we may be
able to get the PGP people to support both formats, provided our
format is not baroque.

> Will electronic commerce on the Internet be secured using the ICert?

Some of it certainly will, because some systems by clients depend on
for their businesses will likely be using it. I cannot speak for other

> Is SPKI at all concerned with ICert retrieval and storage?

Yes, as the proposed charter you received automatically when you
subscribed to the list mentioned.

> Will ICerts be distributed via the DNS?  the Web?

I am going to solicit a presentation from Don Eastlake about the
DNSSEC work. We are likely going to hear a discussion about whois++. I
and others are exploring other mechanisms for certificate transport,
and I actively solicit suggestions. It is premature to suggest that we
yet know exactly what the primary transport will be.