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Re: owner-spki@c2.org, ietf-pkix@tandem.com

On Feb 29, 11:28am, Carl Ellison wrote:
> Subject: Re: owner-spki@c2.org, ietf-pkix@tandem.com

 > >
 > >I view holding on to 1970's "name service" naming practices and user naming
 > >hacks as THE major impediment here, perhaps even more so than Best's broken
 > >mailer.
 > I think you're asking the X.500 question, not the X.509 question.

We have large customers that DEMAND X.500, and our distributed CA service is
based on it.

Not that I don't disagree that X.500 has its problems, but there are large,
real shops that demand it. As such we are also considering other alternatives
for non-X.500 users, but then that defeats the whole X.500 advantage...

 > I agree that a worldwide database of mappings from name to e-mail address
 > might be nice to have.  There are some ad hoc solutions already and I
 > expect to see an evolution to better ones.  I seriously doubt that
 > X.500 with its structure will ever be accepted.  If it costs money
 > to add your name to the database besides, that would almost certainly
 > kill it.
 > However, there is a certificate question lurking in your mail as well.
 > [see my http://www.clark.net/pub/cme/html/cert.html for details]
 >  - Carl
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