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Re: on the nature of trust

Tony Bartoletti wrote:
> Ed,
> I do believe that your definition of Trust (in the sense analogous to
> Information Theory) is the most elegant and useful one, to repeat:
> > Trust: "Trust is that which is essential to a communication channel but
> >         which cannot be transferred from a source to a destination using
> >         that channel"
> (Author! Author!)
> As I have said earlier, it seems vaguely derivative of Kurt Godel's
> foundation-shattering result, which I paraphrase poorly here:
> "In any system of mathematics sufficiently expressive, one can produce
> statements that are simultaneously True, and yet cannot be Proven to
> be True within the given system."

That isn't quite right. Goedel showed that "in any sufficiently complex
axiomatic system there exist statements which are undecidable". That is
that may be true or false, and there is no way to know which. One is
then at liberty to decide whether to assume they are true or false,
which can lead to interesting results.



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