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Re: (IPng) Re: The besty

bound@zk3.dec.com says:
> >	BTW - unless I'm mistaken, Perry's main topic-of-rant was
> >the notion of using exportable crypto instead of something like
> >DES. Crypto policy being what it is, *ANY* encryption support for
> >IP that is worth having will not be exportable. We need to accept
> >that, and publish a relevant standard so that independent non-US
> >iplementations can be developed without having to export code.
> I think your mistaken. 

No, I think, Jim, that YOU are mistaken. Marcus knew precisely what I
had said. I was talking about your request that we find a crypto
system other than DES that is acceptable to "all governments". You
took my reply to that message and proceeded to rant about SKIP and
in-band keying. Perhaps *you* wanted to talk about that, but your
desire to discuss a topic has little impact on what topic I was
writing about.

This is the third and last time I'll tell you this.