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[Announce] Photuris Implementation

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An implementation of the Photuris keymanagement protocol according to 
the drafts: 
is available running on AIX, Solaris, Linux and OpenBSD.

You can find the sources and the necessary libraries (gmp-2.0.2 and 
libdes-4.01) at http://www.physnet.uni-hamburg.de/provos/photuris/

At the moment only the PF_ENCAP kernel interface as found in John Ioannidis'
and Angelos D. Keromytis' IPSec which is used in the OpenBSD kernel is 

This software was written in Germany and thus USA export restrictions
don't apply.

Send any questions to provos@physnet.uni-hamburg.de

 Niels Provos

- PHYSnet Rechnerverbund     PGP V2.6 Public key via finger or key server
  Niels Provos               
  Universitaet Hamburg       WWW: http://www.physnet.uni-hamburg.de/provos/   
  Jungiusstrasse 9           E-Mail: provos@wserver.physnet.uni-hamburg.de
  Germany 20355 Hamburg      Tel.:   +49 40 4123-2404     Fax: -6571