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To all students at Carleton University and friends,

There is another STudents for CUPE 4600 meeting onTuesday Feb. 16.
Its at 11:00am - noon in the OPIRG office, 326 Unicentre, just upstairs
from Ziggys Hair cut place and downstairs from CUSA.

We met on Monday and decided to keep up the pamphlet campaign and class
presentations.  We are collecting the cut-out from the pamphlet as well.
Thursday  (Feb. 11 ), tomorrow, we will be making banners for Baker Lounge
(from approx. noon - 2:00pm) in the OPIRG office.  Also there is an
information picket Friday morning from 7:00am until 11:00am at the entrance
to Carleton (at Bronson).  We also need people to come by OPIRG and pick up
posters for postering and help CUPE in Baker Lounge.

Lets keep this strike a short one by keeping up the pressure on admin.
Pass on the info to your friends and bring them out.
in solidarity,

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