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Re: Fw: Hunger site


Sorry about a non-event posting, but the nature of the previous 
posting requires this cautionary follow-up....

> Have a look at this.

But note the following....

> Dear all,  I got this earlier, and then got this extremely 
interesting reply, which you'll find below. It was forwarded to a 
large list, so I feel okay sharing it with you all. Basically it is a 
caution re the Hunger  Site.

> I'm afraid I find this EXTREMELY FISHY, quite alarming, in fact; so 
I'm  not sending it on to anyone. Any number of reasons; here are 
> 1.There are HUGE problems associated with "food aid" in just about 
any form, as Oxfam or any of the other reputable "international 
cooperation" agencies can explain. Inappropriate or even contaminated 
food, "dumping" which undercuts local farmers, siphoning off of 
donated food for sale by corrupt individuals, etc  In this case, even 
in the unlikely event that some "real food" does get distributed, the 
pertinent questions are - what? where? how much? to whom? Under what 
conditions? Etc. You just don't fool around with this kind of thing.
> 2. This would seem to be a great way for whoever (corporate 
sponsors, etc) to get e-mail addresses and/or other information for 
their own purposes - and to collect a whole list of well-intentioned 
but somewhat gullible people (sorry to be so blunt, but since I'm 
gullible myself in many contexts I know what I'm talking about!)
> 3. Any project where "no one's been able to find out who's behind 
it" is suspicious. As my father put it in a letter once to an 
anonymous "English Only" (anti-French and probably racist anti-
immigrant) group, "Long experience has taught me to distrust 
organizations which, when appealing for support, do not give the 
names of their officers." Much worse an appeal which does not even 
give the names of the sponsoring organizations!
>     Incidentally, you say there are "pharmaceutical companies" 
among the sponsors, but you don't say which ones, or how you know 
they are involved (since the appeal as it was passed on says nothing 
about that). I'd be very interested to know whatever details. I'm 
sure you are aware that several of the largest 
pharmaceutical/chemical companies are heavily into "bio-engineering" 
of genetically engineered (GE or GM) foods, and are pushing that 
technology under various labels (eg. "novel foods") and promoting the 
concept to the public with sophisticated PR propaganda about
> f eeding the hungry hordes. (For more information on this stuff, 
see the following websites: Campaign for Food Safety 
<www.purefood.org> and Rural Advancement Foundation International - 
RAFI <http://www.rafi.org>)
> 4. Scams like this (and for all of the above reasons, it IS a scam) 
serve to distract people's attention from the true issues around food 
and hunger and thus prevent a critical understanding and the kind of 
effective action which can grow from that. This one provides a "feel-
good" guilt-assuaging pill in the form of a "virtual" promise based 
on implicit misrepresentation of the facts about the causes of hunger 
and how it might be cured.
> 5. People with good intentions - who may or (more likely) may not 
include some of the sponsors of this website - need to channel their 
efforts and resources into the legitimate and extremely worthy 
organizations out there which are doing truly worthwhile work to 
alleviate hunger now AND into the future in sustainable and 
appropriate ways. Some suggestions of groups I know well and can 
strongly recommend are:
>     - Inter Pares, 58 Arthur St, Ottawa, K1R 7B9  (613) 563-4801
>     - Oxfam Canada, #300, 294 Albert St, Ottawa, K1P 6E6 (613) 237-
>     - CUSO, 2255 Carling Ave, Ottawa, K2B 7Z5 (613) 829-7445
>     - as well as the various churches (Catholic, United, Anglican,
> Mennonites, Quakers, etc.) with their international assistance 
>     I'm sending this "Reply to All", and copying it to the 
addresses listed in the message that came to you. I trust that will 
be OK with you.
>     Sorry to rain on this particular parade, but I think it's very
> important to do so before it goes any further.

>     Helen

Peace and Environment Resource Centre http://www.perc.flora.org
 Nothing has been better proven than this maxim: that one succeeds
in having too much only by causing others not to have enough.
			 Francois Noel Babeuf (1769-1797)

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